Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WSP 1st Grade Class Play, June 9 2008

Mrs. von Moritz's first grade class play at the end of the school year.

Best viewed with DSL/cable or better. If you have Quicktime (QT) installed (or have a mac), click the picture to watch. If you have a PC without QT, click on the words "Flash version" below to view.
To download the movie on a PC, right-click and "Download Linked File". For a Mac, ctrl-click and click "save link as..". 380 MB, 13:36.
Flash version is 215 MB.
iPod & iPhone version is 159 MB.
If you'd like even larger versions, please click on "comments" below and say so. This highest detail file is very large at 1.6GB. If enough people can handle them, I may post them here.